New Zealand Green - Vision

  • There are increasing numbers of people around the world who realise that if our species is to have any chance of reasonable survival we need to have a healthy natural world.
  • Many of these people live in crowded cities in crowded countries where the practical opportunities for natural world preservation and restoration are limited.
  • Many businesses have become aware of the concerns of these people and wish to be seen as ethical suppliers both to preserve and to gain market share. They also are usually not in a position to do much on their own.
  • Accordingly and increasingly, both business and individuals have become prepared to pay others to look after the natural world on their behalf.
  • A market value for natural eco-system restoration has arisen out of the climate change crisis where there is a need for techniques that can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. A natural forest will absorb carbon dioxide as it grows and will store it in perpetuity if it is managed sustainably.
  • Restoration and preservation of natural forest is a very good way of reducing carbon dioxide levels as, by providing an environment for increasing bio-diversity, it will also help to solve many other problems.
  • New Zealand has much land and few people. Much of this land is steep and inaccessible and is at present being used for sheep farming. Sheep farming has become less profitable over the years. It is likely to become even less so in the future as environmental costs and distance from market factors start to be included. It has been calculated that between one million and two million Ha of land is in this position.
  • Sheep farmers have shown themselves to be open to change and many are prepared to do as much as they can for nature. Many already do so at their own cost.
  • The vision is to connect market and landowners so that many farmers will be able to afford to restore the original forest on their land. This will re create an asset that will place both landowners and New Zealand in general in a much better position to meet the challenges of the new world.