NZ Green Sponsorship Register: Queen Charlotte Wilderness Park, 394.9 hectares

Last updated on 12 July 2010

Restoration Area Details
Landowners trading name Queen Charlotte Wilderness Park
Legal owner(s) Ron and Gerry Marriott
Physical Address Cape Jackson, Marlborough Sounds
GPS 41.039831deg S 174.278052deg E
Postal address Rural Bag 363, Picton
Email address
Website address
Total area (hectares) 643.4502
Restoration area (hectares) 394.9 (1 of 2)
Legal description CT5A/958 Marlborough Land Registry, Section 5 XVI plus Section 1 block XV11 plus Section 1 blockXX Gore survey district.
Restoration area type Progressive regeneration from farmland since 1993
Sponsorship need Ongoing pest control and part replacement of lost farm income.
Assessor Landcare Research ebx21 team
Date of last assessment April 2007
Date of last audit March 2005
Assessment documents Ebex Site Audit [pdf]
QCWP Map [pdf]
QCWP Biodiversity Report [pdf]


Boundary details at QCWP Map [pdf]

Position to date
Total area committed 394.90 ( Ha
Less NZgreen reserve 39.49 Ha
Less development reserve 19.75 Ha
Total land area available for sponsorship 335.67 Ha
Total CO2e absorbed by available land 28196 tonnes
Total CO2 absorbed through sponsorship 19447 tonnes
Assumptions to date
Average total CO2e absorbed (assessed March 2005) 64.00 ton/Ha
Average carbon sequestration (assessed March 2005) 4 ton/Ha/year
Years since assessment 5
Average total CO2e absorbed to 12/03/2010 84 ton/Ha
Sponsorship Transactions (100 year terms purchase sponsorship in perpetuity)
Number Date Name Hectares Years CO2e
1Pre 2008Landcare Research15.61006239.00