Over the last couple of hundred years a booming population plus an increasingly materialistic and energy driven lifestyle has played havoc with the natural systems upon which we depend.

Our water is becoming too polluted to efficiently use, our oceans have become exploited to near extinction and on land we have destroyed our forests to the point that the fertility upon which our specialist farming systems rely is not sustainable.

Even underground things are not well as we continue to dig up and burn organic matter like oil and coal at a far greater rate than it is being buried with the result that our climate, the very thing makes our earth what it is, is changing at an incredible pace. We have upset the balance of nature and nature is working to balance our impacts by ultimately removing us if we don’t listen to the warnings.

The solution is in two closely related parts. Firstly we must get to understand and accept that a healthy natural world is critical to a healthy world for us so that we can begin to put into practice all that implies. Secondly, because we have already destroyed far too much nature, we must both preserve what we do have left and restore much more.

Many people have known all this for some time of course and all around the world Governments, including our own, have been talking about measures to combat climate change and to encourage sustainability. But if we look at results rather than talk we can see that very little is being achieved. What measures have been introduced seem to have been quickly perverted into meaninglessness. All around the world in almost every area one can measure, things are getting worse and all the time the clock is ticking.

Perhaps this is not surprising because Governments and the people in them are seekers of popularity not leaders of behaviour. They are servants not masters. If we wish them to do something then we need to show them our desires by doing the job ourselves.

That is why this NZgreen system has been put into place. Out of a need for an efficient market driven system that will create an environment that will allow ordinary people to work with willing landowners so that we can together look after and reconstruct nature in meaningful quality and quantity.