About the Site Administrator

The NZgreen system has been designed and introduced by we people at Queen Charlotte Wilderness Park (QCWP) at Cape Jackson in the Marlborough Sounds of New Zealand.

QCWP was the first landowner in New Zealand to use the sale of carbon offsets to fund indigenous eco-system restoration. We have been trading since 2003 using the wonderful EBEX (emissions/biodiversity/exchange) system with the expectation that would flow through to a new government system at the beginning of 2008.

In fact the government system has not eventuated, at least in any form that it is sensible to join. That is why NZgreen has been introduced, we do not want the opportunity to restore the natural eco-system to millions of hectares of private land to go begging, just because our politicians, for the moment, might find encouraging it inconvenient.

And by the way we are not connected with any political party or organisation despite the name of the website! Actually we believe that important change is better to arise out of the wishes of the people rather than out of the greed of politicians.

Operation of NZgreen

NZgreen is really just a toe in the water, a beginning to see where it will lead, at the very minimum another way we can communicate with the world and sell our wares. But what we really want is for lots of landowners and sponsors to join with us to try and preserve and restore as much land as we can while this window of opportunity remains open. That is why we have designed the system so that other Landowners can participate.

Future of NZgreen

There is a lot more that we can do to take the concept much further if it should find favour but maybe we won't be the best people to run it by then. Maybe a co-operative of Landowners might run it best or maybe some other sort of NGO possibly one that exists already. We have a really open mind on this subject.

Whatever the future brings we will continue to run it until a better alternative can be found. But, before we will consider change, we will need to be convinced that turning NZ truly green again would remain as the main objective against which all other things would be judged. That is a subject we are a bit sensitive about given what has happened so far.